Meet the Packaging Decision Makers that Drive Your Business

UBM's packaging events provide a unique opportunity to put your products and solutions directly in front of the prospective customers. Attendees are there to source equipment, materials, containers, automation, and services to improve their packaging operations and enhance the success of their business. Located in booming manufacturing regions, these events can help boost your brand recognition and build your business throughout North America.

Who Attends

  • 51,000 attendees across 9 annual events
  • 78% are key decision makers, representing executive management, engineering, manufacturing, production and R&D
  • 87% are involved in the purchasing process
  • 71% plan to purchase or engage within 12 months of a show

What Exhibitors Say

"We have some solid leads, and I have quoted a few pieces of equipment as a result of the show."
Vicki Delcoco, Charles Beseler Company

"Leads from visitors were very qualified. The company representatives who visited were serious and ready to make final decisions. We had very few 'browsers' in comparison to other trade shows we've exhibited at."
Danielle Barry, Kanematsu USA

"Had 85 serious inquiries that we are positively communicating with - fully expect to gain 10 to 15 reasonably significant customers and perhaps another 15-20 smaller customers."
Roy Andrews, Roda Packaging

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